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Peace of the Past

As many a passer-by has discovered, it’s hard not to

be spellbound by the beauty, history, and tranquility of

St. Columba’s, the Berkeley Memorial Chapel, and its grounds. The cornerstone of the small stone church, originally named for the noted philosopher and prelate, was laid in 1885. Its Tiffany glass windows are a rare treasure (as is its Skinner organ); and its graveyard contains many illustrious names from Newport’s past. 

To protect this cultural heritage, the St. Columba’s Historic Preservation Trust was formed in 2016. A distinct and separate entity from the parish, this non-profit organization exists to endow and manage funding for the maintenance of the building and surrounding churchyard, so that they may continue to be enjoyed by people of all faiths and traditions for generations to come.

For more information, please call (401) 847-5571.

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